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burglary damage repair San Diego LocksmithYou just got back to your house from a dinner party, and it’s been a lovely time. Before you can even get inside, you see something odd. It seems that someone has broken into your house! Thank goodness you’re safe, but who are you going to call? You need look no further than the caring and reliable people of 858 Locksmith for your complete locksmith service and burglary damage repair needs. We serve the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. We have your back when you need us the most!


Some services only offer one option. Our company knows that this is not always so clear cut, especially with something as complicated as a home invasion. This is reflected in the plethora of services that we offer for both your home and your business. Not only do we provide a complete locksmith service job, but we also offer burglary damage repair in our 24/7 locksmith service! You won’t have to call a dozen people to get one inclusive job done!

Do you need a lock rekey? We can do that too, and this is all in the same day or night! We even offer replacement keys so you can access your home with ease. Do you need some help with a security audit? We do that as well! We’re a company that’s tailored to your needs!

Why Choose 858 Locksmith?

We’re fast and punctual.With 5+ years experience, our fast and friendly expert technicians have your back with our 24/7 locksmith service. Are you tired of waiting hours for help? Perhaps you can’t even get a real live person on the phone! Worry no more. We guarantee a 30 min response so you can be safer sooner.

Asking for a burglary damage repair service can be an experience that is confusing and emotional. We have great customer service when you need it the most! Our team is there to assist you in a kind and caring way, as well as make suggestions and inform you. Never deal with impatient and uncaring customer service agents with our company! You’ll be even more reassured once you meet our friendly and highly trained experts! Sometimes we just need to be reassured that everything will be okay, and we’re great at dealing with making your home secure again.

We’re also legit and have the credentials to back it up. With so much going on, the last think you need to be worried about is whether or not your company is legitimate residential locksmith service. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are licensed bonded and insured mobile locksmiths who are ready to help. Being reliable and legitimate is so important in these situations, and this is reflected in our excellent credentials and customer services skills.

We’re honest. Hardly anything seems to be spelled out anymore. You have probably had bad experiences with hidden fees, especially in high stress situations that don’t have you thinking too clearly. You don’t have to worry with us. We always have up front pricing. Not only that, but our rates are highly competitive. The last thing you need to worry about during this stressful time are sneaky fees, after all. We’re not a company that’s going to take advantage of someone in such a vulnerable situation.

Now imagine this: Everything has been taken care of. Your locks are changed and you’ve received your burglary damage repair. Not only that, but our up front pricing hasn’t left you with a nasty inkling that you’re going to regret this in the morning. You have such peace of mind that you can even go to sleep.

This can be you with just one phone call! If you’re going through this, don’t delay. Call 858 Locksmiths, serving the San Diego, CA and surrounding areas.


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Residents San Diego CA and surrounding are asked to contact 858 Locksmith to offer fast and friendly 24/7 locksmith service. We are a team of dedicated experts that are dedicated and committed to ensure our clients are served in the best way possible. In fact, we are among the top rate San Diego locksmith companies.

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