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Safe and Secure With A Lock Change

Locksmith for Lock Change in San Diego858 Locksmiths protects and serves San Diego, CA and surrounding areas with complete locksmith services and 5+ years experience as mobile locksmiths, ensuring a professional lock change any time, day or night. For fast and friendly service we provide up front pricing and expert technicians who are licensed bonded and insured, serving you with a 30 min response and up front pricing so you’ll be safe and secure in no time. You can rely on 858 Locksmithfor professional and reliable 24/7 locksmith service at competitive prices.

Lock Change Service

When it’s time to secure your home or business quickly with new locks our complete locksmith service will install new locks that are not only attractive but are stronger and more secure than old flimsy or outdated hardware. We bring the new locks and keys to you, install them all to match and key them alike, meaning just one set of keys for all of your locks, and as many copies as you require. If you’re weighed down by a heavy ring of keys, new locks can reduce your burden, often to a single key that opens all doors and locks. Fewer keys is efficient as well as safe!

Besides adding security, a lock change will freshen the exterior of your home and add value. Our reliable and professional locksmiths will replace that old tarnished and outdated knob and deadbolt with a matching set that is stronger and better quality, and in an updated finish.

Lock Change for Greater Security

A new set of locks is your guarantee that you’re the only one with the key to your home or business. Previous tenants, employees, realtors, or builders agents were all able to enter your home or business at one time, but new locks will increase your safety and peace of mind as well as upgrade your security.

A rekey of your existing locks can change the tiny pins inside a lock and provide you with a new key, but it isn’t the safest solution in many cases. The tiny springs inside a lock wear out over time, making the lock easier to pick. As you’ve probably noticed, over the years bolts may loosen or no longer line up with strike plates or even enter bolt holes securely, meaning your doors may be opened quickly with less force. An intruder might not need any tools to enter your home or business if this is the case. If your house is older these weak locks are no longer providing you and your family with the level of security that a lock change can provide.

Your old lock may no longer be reliable at all in some situations. Damage to the intricate mechanism is considered irreparable after an attempted forcible entry, leaving you vulnerable. We are equipped with a variety of new locks and install them quickly with 24/7 locksmith service so that you’re always protected with us.

New Lock Technology

New locks are more secure, with many capable of deterring a criminal with just one glance at a brand name known for invincibility. Lock technology has come a long way, and many pick-proof options exist, as well as keyless lock models that guard your home or business and even alert you to intruders.

Our lock techs are skilled in the latest lock technology and can design and install a security upgrade to a custom keyless entry system, or perhaps your needs include a networked lock system that can be monitored via internet. For even greater security we can install a complete biometric lock system, making your fingerprint your key. Call us to discuss your options, we’re happy to provide answers that fit your needs.

The Best Choice for Your Security

When you’re ready for the most reliable, secure solution for your home or business in the San Diego, CA and surrounding area, 858 Locksmith offers fast and friendly 24/7 locksmith service. Our customers consistently count on our expert technicians with 5+ years experience and mobile locksmiths service providing 30 min response. We are the safe and secure solution and are licensed bonded and insured.


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Residents San Diego CA and surrounding are asked to contact 858 Locksmith to offer fast and friendly 24/7 locksmith service. We are a team of dedicated experts that are dedicated and committed to ensure our clients are served in the best way possible. In fact, we are among the top rate San Diego locksmith companies.

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