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Panic bars locksmith in San DiegoPanic bars are locking devices that make it easy to unlock a door during an emergency. They’re made with a spring-loaded horizontal metal bar fixed inside an outward-opening door. When the lever is pushed, the door quickly opens to provide an easy escape. Every business should have one. At 858 Locksmith we have the tools and expert technicians to install, repair, and replace any type of panic bars. We have lots of experience installing them in schools, institutions, malls, supermarkets, government buildings, and office buildings throughout San Diego CA and surrounding areas.

No matter the size of your business, we can install one to suit your needs or repair or replace the panic bars you already have. Our locksmiths are specially trained to fix any problems you have with these emergency exit devices. We have a wide range of the best, easiest to use devices at affordable prices and can install them in minutes. We’re a complete locksmith service and can install and repair these push bar devices or any other type of lock you need. Plus we offer up front pricing so you know in advance what the job will cost. Call us and we’ll dispatch one of our mobile locksmiths to install or repair one for you.

Experienced, Well-Trained Technicians

The key to our success is our experienced, fast and friendly locksmiths. We select only the best, most trustworthy locksmiths and put them through an intensive training program. They are taught to install, repair, or replace panic hardware and many other types of locks using the latest tools and techniques. All our locksmiths are licensed bonded and insured and have 5+ years experience. When they get to your business they know exactly what to do. Our locksmiths are taught to assess the needs of your business and recommend the panic hardware that’s best suited to your needs or install any type you choose. They are fast, professional, and courteous and aim to please.

24/7 Locksmith Service

A panic bar is a very important safety feature. If it is not working properly, it can put your staff and your customers at risk. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix or install them. Even if you call us in the dead of night on a holiday weekend we will be there in a flash. We have a 30 min response time guarantee. We will be there in minutes to ensure your people and your customers are safe. We are a commercial locksmith and know the types of locks and panic hardware that are best suited for your business. Plus we have expert technicians that can quickly get to your business day or night.

Affordable Prices

A panic bar is a necessity. Yet some business owners fail to install them because they fear they may cost too much. That’s why you need to give us a call. We can show you a long list of panic bars and you are sure to find one that can fit into your budget. Plus with our up front pricing policy there will be no expensive surprises when the job is done. We have panic hardware and locks to suit any budget, yet they are all made of high-quality materials and are designed to last. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes. Call us today and we will install a high-quality panic bar you can easily afford.

Quality Products and Superior Service

We use only the best materials. Our panic bars and other locks can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use and still work perfectly in an emergency. We also make sure they are easy to use, so when time is of the essence they will not slow you down. Simply call us and we will send a licensed bonded and insured locksmith with 5+ years experience to provide you with fast and friendly service. We’re mobile locksmiths that provide 24/7 locksmith service and can guarantee a 30 min response time anywhere in San Diego CA and surrounding areas your business is located.

Need a commercial locksmith to install and repair panic bars or provide you with complete locksmith service? Contact 858 Locksmith.


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